Block Management

Lease holders are becoming increasingly fed up with service charge increases that seldom seem to offer value for money. As a result Block Management is a service that is being increasingly demanded both by freeholders directly or by lessees who have established Right to Manage companies.

Upstix is benefitting from this demand because we offer a fixed fee service supported by cost effective contractors and deliver a highly cost-effective service.

The main Block Management Services offered by Upstix include:

  • Preparing annual service charge budgets to include a sinking fund
  • Invoicing and collecting service charges
  • Managing collection of arrears
  • Preparing and sending out notices for the AGM and any EGM
  • Regular on-site visits
  • Organising the cleaning of common areas in accordance with an agreed schedule
  • Organising maintenance of lawns, flower beds and grounds
  • Dealing with day to day repairs and maintenance promptly and efficiently
  • Planning for recurring maintenance and repairs
  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety laws